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How to become a Coral Club Member?
Do not have a Club Member number? Please register and join Coral Club. You will need to fill out the registration form and enter your personal information as well as
1 Your Sponsor’s information or Your Sponsor’s referral code
2 Within 31 days of registration, you will need to make a purchase worth at least 12 bonus points.
How to find a Sponsor?

Start by speaking to the person from whom you found out about Coral Club. You can find a Coral Club Member in almost every country in the world.

Finding your Sponsor will open the world of Coral Club to you, with all its possibilities, but also you will have found an advisor, who will help and support you with any question that you may have; anything from product use to starting your own business.

What will you get after joining Coral Club?
Our goal is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle! After joining the Coral Club you will be able to improve your life and fully enjoy all that Coral Club Membership has to offer:
Access to Club Member prices with a 20% discount Access to monthly promotions Participation in the Discount program Personal consultations and coaching
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